John Patitucci (Grammy award winning bassist and composer.)

Tom Patitucci was my first teacher and he put the electric bass in my hands at age 10. He straightened out my left hand position, taught me logical fingerings for the scales and arpeggios and was responsible for my technical formation on the instrument. He was also my first harmony and composition teacher. What an amazing gift to have such a gifted musician and player as your older brother! It has had much to do with my success and it gives me a practical insight into Tom's considerable gift mix and skill sets.

Tom excelled early on as a teacher, composer, arranger and band leader. He was always extremely organized, excelled in his academic studies and has always been an incredibly versatile musician with flexibility and a knowledge of many styles. He played nylon and steel string guitars beautifully on 2 of my solo recordings for Concord Records and has also toured with me as a part of my group. In addition to all of this, his work in the church as a musician, leader, mentor, pastor and administrator since the late 1970's has served his community in a multitude of ways. Because of his heart for justice and mercy, he has always been active in helping the poor and hungry and countless young people in his community. He is extremely gifted in his ability to lead, mentor and help with conflict resolution and bridge-building in the Bay Area communities of Northern California.

Tom has also been an important part of Danilo Perez's work with the young musicians and music teachers at the Panama Jazz Festival and for the Fundacion Danilo Perez in Panama City since 2010.

Danilo Perez (Grammy award winning pianist & composer, Artistic Director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute)

Tom Patitucci has worked with me for many years at the Panama Jazz Festival and at the Danilo Perez Foundation, performing with my group, and other artists. Thanks to Tom, his program: The Guitar Workshops has grown into a department of its own, with students from all over Latin America enrolling to take lessons with him.

Not only he is an exceptional music/guitar teacher, but also is a social worker in the deepest sense. He has worked with children of extreme poverty in Panama and has been a mentor for many teachers and students alike. He honestly cares about the students and the improvement of their technique and their souls. His attention to detail, positive attitude, helpfulness, versatility, and resourcefulness is appreciated by everyone and his superb creative, logical and critical skills have helped many people in Panama and the US.

In addition to everything mentioned before, Tom Patitucci is an exceptional performer. Blending his knowledge of music, his guitar technique and his gentle soul, Patitucci is loved by everyone who performs with him, including me.

After seeing his dedication to teaching, performing and to community outreach, I have confidence that he will meet and surpass all your expectations.