Below are some services that I offer. Please contact me to talk about how I might help you achieve your musical goals.

I play many different styles of guitar and have had the opportunity to record and play with musicians in many different contexts.
(Please refer to my bio for a list of artists.) I have often been told that I seem to play “just the right thing” to fit the song and I take that
as a great compliment. When I play, I want to listen well, communicate well, and contribute to making the band sound as a good as possible.

Teacher & Coach
I have been teaching guitar, electric bass and general music for over 40 years. I have had the privilege of teaching and coaching individuals and groups locally, nationally and internationally. I am passionate about helping people to achieve their musical goals and I have the resources and experience to do it. 

Musical Director, Arranger, Composer
I have been a musical director in a church (25+ years), for community musical productions, for bands and solo artists. I have composed 
100’s of original songs and done arrangements of music in styles from rock to “classical”.